[hunchentoot-devel] Hunchentoot v1.2.0 released

Hans Hübner hans.huebner at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 13:55:39 PDT 2011

After over a year of no releases, Hunchentoot v1.2.0 is out.  It
incorporates a large number of changes from various people and is the
first release that I have made as the maintainer of Hunchentoot.
There have been a fair number of changes, many of them contributed by
Hunchentoot's users.  Thank you all for that!

The release tarball is available here:

This is my first release, and as such it is likely that I'm not yet up
to the release standards that Edi has set forth.  Please report any
problems you may have with the new version to the Hunchentoot mailing
list.  I will try to resolve problems quickly and possible make a new
minor release for each major problem found.

The development repository for Hunchentoot is now hosted by github
(https://github.com/edicl/hunchentoot).  If you want to contribute, it
would be appreciated if you could submit your patches through github,

Here is a list of changes:

Add www/ directory with default file tree that is being served
Add error template mechanism and improve error reporting in general.
Improve automatic testing, SBCL kludge to support asdf:test-op
Allegro CL modern mode fixes
Fix bugs in serving partial responses
Limit maximum number of threads that Hunchentoot creates (Dan Weinreb,
Scott McKay)
Export fixes (Gordon Sims, Andrey Moskvitin)
Factor out easy-handler logic into separate acceptor subclass
Export two session functions (Nico de Jager)
Allow no Content-Type header (Chaitanya Gupta)
Patch for compilation with ECL (Sohail Somani)
Fix DEFINE-EASY-HANDLER for multiple acceptors (Nicolas Neuss)
Made sure "100 Continue" is returned even if the client sends "Expect:
100-continue" twice (reported by Gordon Sims)
Fixed typo in code which interprets transfer encodings

Thank you for your patience!

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