[iterate-devel] using keywords in clauses

Denis Budyak budden73 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 04:58:57 PDT 2012

Hi list! Some time ago I've suggested that one can use keywords in clauses, e.g.
(iter (:for i :from 1 to 10))
instead of
(iter (for i from 1 to 10))
This way, one have to import just one symbol iter:iter into her package
to use iterate.
I made a patch and sent it to this mailing list, but it didn't pass through,
maybe due to size limitations or by some other reason.
After that, I created a fork,
but several commits were made to iterate since that and my code seem
to be outdated.
I suggest re-doing my changes so that they could be merged into main
iterate repository.
But before doing that I'd like to see explicit confirmation that my
changes will be accepted (patch is very big and contains about hundred
of changes).

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