[boston-lisp] Boston Lisp Meeting: 2012-07-24 lightning talks and dinner

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 09:02:36 PDT 2012

OK, so it's a bit late to organize a full Boston Lisp Meeting for July.
Instead, let's just have a lightning talk extravaganza
Tuesday next week 2012-07-24, at 6pm.

Pavel, can we reserve the Star Room that evening?
Otherwise, we'll find another room...

Lightning talk format: You have 5 minutes to speak.
One ding at 4 minutes to warn you, and
one gong at 5 minutes and you must stop talking.
Then 2 minutes for questions
while the next speaker plugs in his computer.
Rehearse early, rehearse often --
you can rehearse 6 times in half an hour!

I'm candidate for one lightning talk on a few cool hacks
made possible with recent ASDF releases.

Can you email me to submit me your lightning talk proposals?

PS: many people have expressed interest in a recording of Kalman Reti's talk.
What we have is not perfect but it will hopefully be of interest to you.
Inaudible questions have been cut out.


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